To get your Termite inspection (Or) Termite Letter


Home Seller s are making the moves now and are setting the stage for the warm Spring Weather 

Some are improving the curb appeal by doing

Exterior Painting, Hard Scaping, New Roof and Increasing square Footage to the homes.

The accent doors are lovely too!!

New Windows help to conserve and save ENERGY!

Just food for thought the interest rates are at an ALL TIME LOW!


The world is in the middle of HISTORY BREAKING Events at the present time. My heart breaks for the many who have succumed to the Covid -19 Virus. Therefore my family is doing our part to follow the advisement of the experts while following the CDC Guidelines. Things are looking up as many are getting their vaccinations and from the reports; we are heading in the right direction. Lets stay MaskedUp- and Wash Those Hands on a REGULAR Basis!!  


Be sure to try and stock up with all the daily living necessities. 

Wishing you and yours Wellness and Good Energy on a Daily.



NEW CONSTRUCTION, It can't be built FAST ENOUGH. Get that Credit Score Right.
Real Estate Deals are still out there, But Not as Plentiful, So- take advantage of the inventory, And remember you must LOCK IT DOWN right Away. Don't Miss out!

EXCELLENT CLOSING ATTORNEY- With Great Customer Service!

After experiencing the professioinal demeanor of  this CLOSING~ Attorney

KAREEM A. MADDISON (Partner) I would highly recommend his services to those preparing to Close on their Real Estate. Reach him at

4500 Hugh Howell Rd

Suite 350

Tucker, GA 30084

Office Phone/Fax 770-674-8862


The real estate market is full of NEW~CONSTRUCTION-Everywhere you go.

Stay on top of all your business matters,while making sure you Do NOT overlook your annual CE,License & Software Renewals, IRS & Property TAXES!!

There is plenty of money to be made in every aspect of this Real Estate field. Learn and know your Real Estate Markets. New Construction is BOOMING, INVENTORY IS SUPER LOW- and the BIDDING WARS Are ON!!!

AND IT IS TRULY A Seller's MARKET FOR SURE*****. WITH THAT BEING SAID, The Selling Agents; Listing Agents, Appraisers, Inspectors, Brokers,Surveyors, Lenders, Loan Officers and Investors are all READY to take a chunk of the pie. Make sure you are informed when BUYING< or SELLING Real Estate. Be sure to get  and know what you are paying for but mainly,  what you deserve.

#When it's time for an APPRAISAL /Or/ HOME IN-SPECTION= Call Leroy Elder of Elder's Real Estate. 404-783-3094 (or) 404-274-1480


He has covered the GA Real Estate Market for nearly two Decades and knows what he is doing. He does things correct the fisrt time around.

Call him today-DO'N'T DELAY @ 404-783-3094

$400.00 HELP FOR YOU~ NEWS YOU CAN ********************USE!!

PCA is ther STOP you WANT TO MAKE!! Take advantage of the resources available and if you don't need it Share the info with others that may be in need. We are in this TOGETHER....

404-537-4300  or visit

By visiting the website you  will see if the calendar has openings for appt times. PCA is NOT TAKING WALKINS-Due to COVID-19.

All the details will be clearly stated when the Intake worker calls you back. EASY-BREEZY!!

Take advantage of this help today.

Be safe!!


 ENERGY ASSISTANCE **Annual Help(Once Per Year)*** Is NOW AVAILABLE @ Partnership for Community Action. Google it or Call to make an appointment NOW. 

And you can choose which utility you want them to pay-(Lights /Or Gas). Hey $400.00 bucks to help you along the way.




GA LICENSED SALESPERSON (Real Estate Agent) Ready for your Call

 If your looking to PURCHASE a Home or SELL your home(s) Try a Great Real Estate Agent that has ONLY your best interest at heart. Let her Guide You Home

MS. TASHBINA VAYA WAHID with (Palmer House) you can reach her at the email & number below.

(404) 263-9235 • 


(Covid-19) Now has New Protocols when Appraising Real Estate???

Mortgage Lenders are taking Precautionary Measures for Appraisers, when it comes to interior inspections. The Appraiser Flexibilitie Protocol is something new and meant to try and keep all parties as safe as possible during an Appraisal-& Home -Inspection assignment

SOCIAL DISTANCING AT IT'S FINEST!!~~ While we are inside the residence, The Owners are to be Outside the residence!!. It's working... Safety 1ST



Wash, Wash and Wash your hands As often as possible to KEEP DOWN THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 And MASK Up!!

CARE ENOUGH --To Stop the Spread & Help Others

Wear Shoe Covers In Properties

Wear Gloves

Wear Masks

Wash Hands

Throw Away Used Tissues




Lets stay away from LARGE CROWDS Right Now?

Whats Next? Do your best to prepare for the future....

Resources are vital in EVERYTHING we do. And guess what? WE HAVE TO START WHEN WE ARE YOUNG. Take a look at these young bankers(lol) Once we have the proper resources lined up as well as the right person/people in the designated position. It's a go! We have to be sure to research markets and information that is pretinent. An informed consumer is priceless and will nine times out of ten, SAVE $$$$$. Be a triple threat: Bold, Beautiful and Bringing Intelligence to the table of LIFE. Remember~ The world is watching as you live on purpose and embrace the blessings here on Earth!


Make your DREAMS a Reality~ We did!

Wishing everyone a prosperous and HEALTHY day!! Networking, Networking, and More Networking is mandatory to SUCCEED!! I'll meet you at the Top of your Happy Place!

VOTE---VOTE---VOTE--- Make your Voice HEARD

Sep. 16, 2020
We have to maintain our power and be sure to VOTE. I do realize it is a lot going on in our world presently, so if we want to see a change; we have to be the change in ourselves. How are you dealing with the new Social Distancing advisement? Actually, I like it and feel it is surely necessary in these times we are in. Do your Part to be Smart. Live Well (Peace)
Mar. 31, 2019
Are you ready to be a Home-Owner, Is your Credit up to par, Have you straightened out your debt. Or are you just dreaming of the day. Well pick up your biscuits and get in Gear. Make Smart Moves to help you get where you see yourself in a few short months or years. It's Doable.. handle your affairs-today! All the best-Help is out there. You need to ask for it. There are so many 1st time Home-Buyers Programs available. Take Advantage of them-Now! Also check out the Credit Unions and smaller Banks for BETTER INTEREST RATES**You Can Do IT!!
Marta In Clayton County WOW!!!!!! Clayton Now on the RISE
There are still Wonderful steal of a Deals in Clayton County as far as Purchases go__, And now with Public Transportation.. Take advantage of the Real Estate Inventory for investment or personal collateral.. Just more News you can Use starting off the New Year!! CASH IN NOW!! Don't forget your appraisal :)
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22.11 | 10:19

I used Elder to do a home inspection where I only had a 3 day window for due diligence. They were quick, responsive, and through. Saved me a lot of money.

15.11 | 15:48

The Elder's were very thorough and professional. We we're able to schedule an appointment at the last minute & get the detailed report back over night. Thanks

08.09 | 08:32

Mr & Mrs. Elder, was very knowledgeable and professional, I will definitely refer them to others that I know.

11.08 | 15:28

Great customer service and highly professional. Will definitely let others know the high quality work you do. Thank You.

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