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Elder's Real Estate Enterprise
4567 Rockbridge Road #1771
Pine Lake, GA 30072
Leroy Elder 404-783-3094
Annelle Elder 404-274-1480


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Latest comments

10.03 | 00:51

these guys are one of the best, they inspected the home my wife and i was looking to own, they walked me around and showed me everything .

25.02 | 08:29

Another great job done by The Elder's team. We really appreciate the quick turnaround.

30.01 | 14:32

The Elder's gave my family and I a very insightful inspection. They are detailed and thorough. We are greatful for the knowledge and they were very pleasant.

15.12 | 19:44

I left my inspection feeling well informed about everything right and wrong with our home! Thank you for the thorough inspection, and great customer service!